Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimmingfor the first time!

It's been a very weird summer. It has rained almost everyday, and the days that it's not raining, it's cold and not really swimming- with- a- baby kind of weather.

But the day was really warm, around 92 and the only real day it's felt like summer, and the pond was great. We fed the fish and did lots of splashing. We saw a turtle and some old acquaintances and tired ourselves out good!

When we got home, it was Rock Band 2 for the adults (It's so addicting) and corn on the cob and a nap on the chair for Gavin. He cuttled up with his puppy and fell asleep. So cute!

If you have Rock Band 2- we should play against you some time- once we get more practice. I have no hand-eye or hand-mouth coordination it seems, as I can't even sing the words to a song unless it's one I know. Oh well. It is so fun anyway.

Hopefully today will be like yesterday, swimming followed by a band rehearsal. Who could ask for more?

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