Sunday, August 16, 2009

I plan to stay Deet free!

My dad is in the boy scouts, and has been my entire life. He started when my two older brothers were little and is a leader for our towns troop.

A few weeks back, his troop had their yearly week at a scout camp, where they do different events and get merit badges for completing them. It is a very nice camp, but a lot-a-bit buggy.

While he was there, he used someones bug spray to try and ward off the masses of mosquitoes which are terrorizing our part of the state, as he forgot his. The effect- a horrible rash; chemical burns, on his arms and legs where he sprayed himself. This also caused a former chemical burn (from cleaning agents) to flare up and become infected. So he went to the doctors and was given a prescription to clear up the infection and make his ankles look like ankles instead of volleyballs.

What is interesting to me, is that when he went into the pharmacy to pick up the prescription, the pharmacist took one look at his arms and said "bug spray?". He said that he'd been seeing it all summer long. It seems more and more people are reacting to the chemicals in bug spray. Or maybe it's not that people are reaction differently to the bug spray, but that the bug spray has more chemicals than before.

I'd rather not find out if it's me or the chemicals that has changed. I love the bug spray I use. I like the smell; I like that I can spay my baby and not be concerned about chemicals and I can even go to sleep without washing while we are camping, because it's all natural. There is nothing in it that will irritate my skin. I guess natural doesn't appeal to everyone. Some people think it's not as effective. But i'd rather take my chances with the few bugs that aren't deterred by the spray, then to take my chances with my skin and chancing chemical burns.

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